Best Beard Comb 2017 Reviews : [New] For Men With Awesome Beard

In order to help you out, we have gathered top 5 best beard combs that not only high in quality but also very transportable.

If you are growing a beard, we probably do not need to tell you about its maintenance.

They are messy. Especially after waking up.

How do you fix that?

Well, you got to use a comb. Not just any random, but especially those which are designed only for the beard.


We need to remember:

Finding the best beard comb is not really easy. Cheap products are available in the market & they can really break your hair as well.

No worries. Today, we will be picking up 5 beard combs that we recommend you to check out. They are all comes with high quality. & of course, most of them are portable.

& very manly too.


Let’s explore:

Recommended Facial Hair & Mustache Comb 2017 Comparisons Chart



Our Verdict

Our Rating



Best For Short Beard



Best Portable Comb


Rocky Mountain Barber Comb

Both Side Are Same


Baxter Of California Large Comb

Suitable For All Types Of Beard


Wild Wild Nest Beard Comb

For Long Beards

At A Glance : Our Review ​- The Best Beard Combs For Men

Kent comb is one of the best beard comb you will find in the market. Built-in Quality is really good and made from acetate( you can read more about it at the end of the post ). It is portable & best for shorter beards.

EQLEF comb is made from sandalwood. A really high-quality product with good looks. Help you to fix tangles. Although, not a very good option if you have long hair.

Comb from rocky mountain company is 100% handmade. It is designed for a thicker beard. The only minus point we found is both sides are same.

Baxter comb is the finest comb you can ever find. It is the product we use on a regular basis. You can get different size teeth within one product which is extremely convenient.

​Below we have listed out favorite products:


The comb is made from cellulose acetate and hand buffed to eliminate any rough edges on its teeth.

kent beard comb review by beard mantra

Image credit : Kentbrushes

Side not about Acetate: It is not a cheap plastic. It is being made from wood pulp. And it makes it super easy & perfect material to use during the comb production.

The comb is 3” end to end long and the toothed area is about 1 3/8” in length.

The company KENT brushes were founded by William Kent in 1777. The company had an unbreakable record of excellence in quality of its production which has been recognized by so many people.

One of the good thing we notice that it is highly portable. It fits anywhere in your pocket due to its size and you should not have any problem carrying it.

The teeth of the brush are polished and rounded so tightly that the brush will not miss any hair. & it will not bite your skin. You will feel like more of a massage rather than a comb.

Apart from that, it is not too heavy but it has a heft to it. By looking at the product, you can easily say that it is handmade and well-crafted by experience people.

What about the handling?

You can easily handle this comb without having any issue. Thanks to its flexibility and well-established design. The price is also reasonably low and you won’t have any issue for it.

Now let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this comb

Advantage :

  • You will get a handmade quality comb.
  • It is best comb for shorter beards.
  • Made of same cellulose acetate.
  • Easy shaping that way you want.
  • Durable as well.


  • Not suitable for a very longer beard.

So if you already having a long beard, we suggest you to check out some other best beard comb we have mentioned below.

Our verdict:

Certainly, it is one of the most 2017 recommended beard combs in the market today. We are pretty sure about that. It is also less pricey. However, for people who is growing a longer beard, it is probably not a good option to go for.

#2 EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Pocket Comb Review ( Best Portable Pocket Comb )

Made from 100% sandalwood, the EQLEF sandalwood comb is sized at 10cm * 6cm. We have layout many recommend beard comb and this is one of them.

suitable for pocket

Image Credit :

Let’s see what it does.

The comb has two sides. You will see that one side is regular teeth and another one is fine teeth. Tow side combs are great from our point of view. The reason is – you can use it for both beard and mustache. Do not need a separate tool.

The comb is best for short and medium beard. The nice and rounded teeth won’t snag on your beard when combing.

From the design perspective, it’s quite small and fits easily into your pocket. Also, it represents strong and durability.

Many users convince that it keeps their beard tidy and neat. It also distributes the beard oil and conditioner nicely throughout the beard.

However, there are some certain things to remember before using the comb. Like-

  • Keep the comb away from the fire.
  • Avoid throwing or bending as much as you can.
  • You do not want to put it in the sun for a longer exposure.
  • You want to keep it in a nice and ventilated environment for a longer term use.


  • Quality wise it is a high-end product. It is smooth and the teeth are spaced.
  • Portable and beautiful looking.
  • It’s a great option for fixing tangles.
  • Having a nice sandalwood smell out of it.
  • Price is reasonable
  • Great for shaping your medium sized hair.


  • A little heavy.
  • Keep an eye for it. Do not throw and bend it.
  • Not for the longer beards.

Side note: Due to the nature of real green sandalwood, the actual color may get varied. Also, you will experience that under the sun exposure, the color do change a little bit.

Our verdict:

Look wise it is attracting and comfortable. At the same time, it has two side teeth which are good. But for those, who is having a full grown longer beards, the product is not for them. You will find it difficult to use. However, if you have a medium and short beard, this is one of the best beard comb in the market​. The price is also not very high. Anyone who is seeking some good beard grooming tools can afford it. More importantly, it's a pocket beard comb that you will love.

#3 Rocky Mountain Barber Company Handmade Comb ​( Best In Sandalwood )

Our next choice in the​ list is from rocky mountain Barber Company. It has got a lot of traction in recent period and that is why we decided to include it here

we are reviewing the most useful combs for your facial hair

Image credit :

So, how is the product? What are the benefits of using this particular comb? We will find it out in this review.

First and foremost, if you look at the package, you will see that it’s a premium package made for great satisfaction. There are no cotton bags or cellophane wrap. They packed the product with a premium laser-cut velvet style which is tending to last a longer time.


We all know that packaging is only half of the overall branding. The actual product must meet the criteria in order to call it an awesome product. Otherwise, there is no point of making a useless item with a stylish design. So is it something similar?


The comb is 100 percent handmade from sandalwood. The company claims it to be crafted with utmost care that will leave your facial hair feeling smooth also, smelling great as usual.

The tooth of the comb is thick and has both sides as well. It helps you to get through your hair easily. Just put some oil and use the comb it maintain it.

It reduced the possibility of snagging or any kind of tangle causing.

Size wise its compact. It's portable and you can carry it wherever you want.

One of the disadvantages we found is both side of the teeth are equal. I mean, they could have used this opportunity and make both sides differently. Like one side fine tooth and another is wide.

It really does not make any sense for us to have both sides the exact same which is redundant.


  • Tool is portable
  • 100% handmade.
  • Design for a thicker beard.
  • Premium packing + smell fresh


  • Both side are the same

Our verdict:

Although, we have added it to our top recommended beard comb list, we strongly can claim that if they were to improve the teeth of the comb, people will likely to buy more. However, the design-wise, the product is outstanding. Size wise, it is very small and can handle inside your pocket. You can go to your work or anywhere and make your beard look good instantly. Performance wise, it does its job really well. A lot of people have been using it and they found it quite helpful. Also works great with the thicker beard. Therefore, we can give it thumbs up. 🙂

#4 BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA LARGE COMB ( ​Suitable Long ​​Types ​Of ​Hair )

We like it. We Use it on a daily basis. And that is why; this particular one is in our ​favorite beard comb list.

Image Credit :

So let’s jumped into the section and explore what it has got.

Baxter Comb is handcrafted in Switzerland. It is manufactured from high-quality cellulose acetate sheets which are naturally produced from cotton and tree pulp cellulose.

Each and every comb from this company goes by a 12 step process which is all done by hand. They have the quality manpower to do all the hard work for you so that you can get a good end product which in results, give you smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for your comfort and care of the hair and scalp.

The comb comes with a tortoise shell style pattern and measures in at 7.75 inches. One of the best and main advantages it got is – there are actually two types of teeth ( or you can say finger ). One is thick and another is thin. And due to it, you can use it the way you want.

Use it to make proper adjustment for your hair or beard. It’s now totally up to you.

The design of finger leaves you enabling you to glide the comb through your ​beards without any hassle.

And the best part?

It will suit all short of beard and hair style. Also, you will find that it has an ergonomic grip that makes it easier to control no matter what. You can immediately grab it right in the middle or from an end.

What else?

It includes great color and texture which makes the comb really stylish and fun to use. However, you may find it a little expensive compare to another brand.

But hey, if you want to take your grooming part serious, you just got to get some cool and usable products.

Many people who have experience with it ( including us ), told that they completely satisfied by the design and it’s usability.

Let’s cover some basic advantages and disadvantages of the product:

Advantage :

  • World class craftsmanship
  • Great color and texture
  • Superior design and stylish.


  • Price is a little higher.
  • Finishing can go fade over time.
  • Not very portable

Our Verdict:

Is it really a top beard comb for us? Yes. Due to the value, it brings to the table, we can surely say that it is one of the ​top notch product at this moment. We have used it primarily for our own purpose and have not found any issue yet. The design looks really good and the finger works great for both hair and beard.


With a new and bold look, this beard comb is a combination of striking buffalo and sandalwood.

Look wise, it is very visually appealing to the users and having held nothing back.

You will see that unlike the other products, it’s design and quality has been carefully crafted to keeps you safe from snags, pulling and static making for a silky smooth grooming solution.

It also provides you a solid grip to use it the way to want.

This comb conveniently fits into the palm of your hand & the size allows you to shape and maintain every detail of your beard with ease.

It will leave your beard smooth, perfectly shaped, and laced with a subtle, spicy scent that’s hard to resist.

You can feel a nice and wonderful smell from it. We can assume like it’s a manly scent which is not too very strong. Just a little add-on to smell your mustache great.

One disadvantage we found that it is quite small compare to other brands. The teeth of the beard comb are also wider than many other combs.

However, it is a perfect size for your pocket. You can keep it anywhere you like and won’t even feel that there is a comb inside it.

The price is also not very cheap. But the quality you get with it, you can easily opt for it if you have a little over budget in your hand.

When it comes to satisfaction, we can pretty sure that using it, you will leave with pure thrilled.

A Little side notes: The product is made in china.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the comb:


  • Its anti – plastic
  • Made from sandalwood and buffalo horn.
  • It is a very good comb for longer beards.


  • Price is higher
  • Few people claim that the teeth get brakes after few months.
  • A small one in terms of size

Our verdict:

Look wise its premium and have everything to get the job done. So is this the perfect beard comb? Well, for the longer beards, ​you will find more value out of it.​ We advise that if you have a budget and do not mind paying a little extra for a comb, you can go for it. But, if you are looking for a something else, check out our other comb list above.

Buying Guide : Things You Should Know Before Choosing

You just can’t go and buy anything you like without any research. Right? Well, it applies with beard combs too.

There are few things you should know and remember before choosing any mustache combs. Let’s get to it.

With over saturated products for beard lovers, it is highly possible that there are useless companies who make shit products and fool buyers.

One of them is using cheap plastic. (Not all plastic made goods are bad)

Cheap means, cheaply made and selling it at a higher price.

You can find those everywhere like in your local store or mall etc.

The worst thing you can do to your beard is not using any high-quality product that delivers result and peace of mind.

Let’s know some more

STAMP PRESS VS. HAND CUT: Know The Difference

Cheap combs are made on a large press that stamps out one product after another.

And the result?

A comb that has microscopic jagged edges along each tooth.

Now imagine you use it on your beard.

What will happen?

It will literally tear at every hair follicle inside your beard.


We don’t think it’s a fun process. Do you?

Not only that, there is a substantial risk of getting an impossible tangle of split ends and static, which we think is a real PITA (pain in the ass).

On the other part, handmade beard combs are totally different from stamp press. They are typically made of wood or horn. These high-quality beard combs reduce the damage percentage of your beard by providing a smooth and nicer experience.

One more thing:

Cheap combs break easily. People do this mistake all the time. For saving a few bucks they often go with cheap comb and later they must purchase another and so on.


We want to ask you:

What’s the point of buying cheap beard comb if they fail to deliver quality results?

Teeth Wide: Notable Point

One of the main reasons we have been suggesting to avoid any regular comb is the teeth wide.

You see, when you use random combs, chances, they may not be spaced far enough apart to glide easily through coarser beards.


Combs which are made especially for beards are being produced with various spacing. People do have diverse types of hair; therefore, company must make wider section based on the thickness/ softens/ coarseness of beard.

Now you have the power to choose any type of good combs depending upon your situation


Beard Combs comes with different size to serve different purpose. For example, small, large or pocket size.

How can you pick the right one?

“ Ask yourself ”


Let’s see the difference

Normal Size Beard Comb: These are small in terms of normal. But not small enough that you can carry it on everywhere.

Small/Pocket Size Beard Comb: These are small and fits in your pocket easily. Easy and convenient.

Folding Beard Comb: We have another type of comb and can be folded into for easy and travel purpose.


Combs are not pricey at all. But if you look for quality and durability, prices can be varied from $2 to up to $40. We recommend choosing a good one despite of pricey as you need only one to last for at least 1 year.

You should choose Beard Combs Depending Upon Your Situation:

Not all combs are created equal. Some are built for heavy beard while few are made for the softer one.

If you are having the second, we suggest picking a comb with teeth that are spaced close together.

For the curly and coarser people, go with wider spacing.

Bottom Line:

Pick something which can be blended with your goal. Our guide to choosing combs for beard will help you out. No worries.

Materials Used in A Facial Hair Comb:

Variety of materials are being used at the time of producing combs that are designed for beards. Let’s explore few of them


One of the most used and common material. Best option if you serious about your beard grooming.

They are hand crafted and comes with wide range of teeth as well. However, the only minus point you will find is they are not water-proof.


Horn combs are one of the best combs you can get. They are hard to break at first point and have less chance of damaging your facial hair. Moreover, they do not produce static & can last for a very long period.

They are not vegan-friendly though.

Cellulose acetate:

According to the source, it is the acetate ester of cellulose.

In simple words “It is a type of rubber “.

The best of the best beard combs are made with cellulose acetate. It is actually considered to be the best material to prepare any type of facial hair combs and people love using it. They usually do not tend to produce any static and easy to clean as well.


We got plastic here. Our recommendation is not to go with this one as there are lot of disadvantage using a plastic comb. They are also not very reliable and can’t be trusted.


I know what you are thinking. Metal? Are you serious?


Anything is existed in the world.

Metal combs are also available. But, people should avoid it as much as possible. They are not anti-static and have the power to damage your hair.

How to properly Comb your facial hair? Few Effortless steps you can apply right now

There are lot of information out there for you to know how to comb your beard. You tube is full of tutorials. We have included one such video below. Take some time and watch it

Now, it’s FAQ time. We know there are still room for answering your doubts. So we researched, collected all the data and summiting up with biteable information.

So here are some frequently asked questions.

Question : How important is a beard comb

Answer: You tell me, how important for you to grow a well maintained, good looking awesome beard?

Let’s face it, if you do not maintain your physique, what will happen?

A comb will help you to easily maintain your facial hair. It provides the essential push that your beard needs in order to stay in line.

Let me stress the following line:

All your beard grooming products are useless if you fail to maintain it. You can use high quality oil or balm or whatever you name it, but at the end of the day without a comb, it will look complete mess. (depending on the situation)

By combing your hair on a regular basis, you are helping follicles to stimulate and grow it while maintaining it at the same time.

Question : Should I use a comb?

Answer: Now, that’s a tricky question. Though, we have the answer for you.

See, if you are just starting out, you completely do not need any combs for your beard.

It’s completely irrelevant.

Your hair is not grown yet. And at least not in a situation to mess it up right?

But, if you have at least considerable amount of hair on your face and you are aiming to provide it more time to grow, then we are recommending a comb 200%. You know the reason.

If not, see the previous question

Question : What are the benefits of using a beard comb.

Answer: Many people ask

“what does a beard comb do “


There are lot of benefits of using a comb especially designed for your beard. Here are few of them:

Lining up the messy hair:

The biggest advantage you can get using a beard comb. A fuller beard begins with your beard hairs aligning perfectly around your face.

Once you start combing, you are training those beasts to act in a certain way. As the time goes, it will behave like the way you train.

Clear your mouth area:

You know what?

I was fed up with my beard at the time of eating.


Because, I was not using any comb and every time I started eating, all those messy hair try to eat with me as well.

I switched to a comb.

Now, before I eat anything, I line up my hair using it and I am good to go. As simple as that.

Prevention for ingrown hairs:

It also can help you to ensure that your hair is growing in the right path by preventing all those ingrown hair who tries to be showing up under your skin.

Help you at the time of applying oil:

Now, I am sure you are using beard oil to give the extra essential nutrients you need.

If not, check out our guide to finding the best beard oil and why you should care

Let’s get back to the point. Using a beard comb can help you to distribute all the oils you have applied throughout your face providing you the ultimate benefits.

Question : How to Clean a comb

Answer: So, you are using the best ​one.. ? Huh : But, it’s also your responsibility to clean it. How you do that?

Follow the exact steps to clean up your comb:

  • Take your comb and dip it into warm water. ( not very hot not very cold)
  • Keep it for at least 10 minutes
  • Now, take it out from the water and use a towel to dry it out.
  • Fold a tissue paper into half and use the edges of it to clean between the teeth of your comb.
  • Once done, keep it under the sun for few minutes (optional )

It will take maximum 20 minutes. So, don’t be lazy.

Oh! You don’t need to clean it on a regular basis. Once a week is enough.

Question : Is wooden comb good for you​?

Answer: lots of people love to use wooden beard combs.


There is a reason to it.

In general, wood minimizes friction when compared to plastic which therefore reduces frizz.

On the other hand, wide-tooth wooden combs don’t tend to pull or break the facial hair.

So, typically wooden comb tends to perform better for men with proper beard.

Question : Are metal combs bad for facial hair

Answer: we do not see any advantage of using any metal beard comb.


We do see some significant issue while using metal. Number one is it can really hurt you.

If the material is not good and product is not up to the mark, chances are you will hurt yourself by trying to manage your beard.

If you are looking to dye your beard, a metal can react chemically. Hence it is not advisable to use any kind of metal comb to manage your facial hair.

Our Final Pick :

best beard comb



What's holding you to use a comb?

have you ever used any ​mustache comb or brush? Any experience you want to share with us?

Let us know in the comment box. We will get back to you ASAP.


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