How To Get The Best Open Comb Razor in 2017 ? Reviews & Our Favorite Pick

​If you are familiar with the stages involved in the shaving process, you definitely want to use an open comb razor at some point.

Truth to be told.

Not all razors are the same.

Some are best for beginners; some are helpful for advanced users.

While blades still play a decent role, you should be wise enough to know what type of razor to use & when.

Open comb razors are one of the most aggressive razors you will ever find. They are sharp and leave you a smooth and really hardy close shave & that’s the reason most people like to try it out once.

If you are looking for the best open comb razor for 2017, you are going to get a lot of value from this post.

Not only we will review our favorite, you will also learn few tips and tricks you haven’t found on the web.

Our Top Pick

​Muhle R41​​​​​

But first,

Let’s find out the definition:

What is an open comb safety razor?

An open comb razor is more aggressive one compared to other types of razor. i.e . closed comb.

Hence, the only difference you see is the base plate.

If you look very closely, you will see that it has a slightly different design in the head section. So instead of a straight bar which you see normally in a closed comb razor, the open comb razor has a row of teeth that run just underneath of the blade.

It has certain benefits that I like. For example, with an ​open comb safety razor, you can get a really close & hardy shave with just fewer strokes.

For those, who shave less or once in a week, you would feel less irritation because of less needed stroke.

Who need it?

I will be honest here. This is not for the beginners.

Starting with an open comb can get you really in trouble as you will be doing mistake here & there.

It's best you go with a safety razor designed for the starter.


If you have a thick beard or even a coarse hair, this may be the perfect option. I am assuming you have at least few months of experience with wet shaving & you are good to go.

What about the sensitive skin??

Well, I want you to take a look at both side of the coin & then decide for yourself.

Dealing with an aggressive razor while having a sensitive skin can harm you if you don’t take it seriously.

It can cut your skin. Sure.

But on the other hand, with an open comb razor, you need less repetition.

Less repetition means you will experience less irritation as well.

That being said, with time, you can master it & a perfect shave won’t need much of your time.

Rundown of open comb razor vs. closed comb: What’s the catch??

​Open Comb

  • ​Faster shave
  • ​Less irritation
  • ​Sometimes, pricey
    Sometimes, pricey
  • ​More aggressive
    More aggressive

​Closed Comb

  • ​​Time- consuming
  • ​​High possibility of irritation
  • ​​Normal price range
  • ​less aggressive
    less aggressive

​What Are The Best Open Comb Safety Razor In 2017? Expert Reviews & Guide



​Our Rating

​Muhle r41​

​Merkur 25C

Merkur 25C

​Parker 24C

Parker 24C

​Merkur 1904 Classic

Merkur 1904 Classic

Here, we have picked up some of the best open comb razors for you. These are the top in this category and have their own pros and cons as well. But, again, they are best. So go through it & choose whatever you like. (According to your budget & preference of course)

#1. ​Muhle r41 (most aggressive open comb razor)

if you really need a super aggressive razor to save your time and effort & need perfect shave at the same time, look no further.

Muhle R41 is the best option & the reason we have added it in our top open comb razor list.

Look wise it’s pretty simple. Nothing fancy though.

Image credit : ​Pinterest


However, you don’t have to compromise on built quality & performance.

The comb is attached to the handle & made with solid chrome plated handle.

It’s also flexible for rust & wet environments

Actually, it has two variant. One is 2011 & the other is 2013. While most people prefer the later version, first one was even more aggressive.

The Sad part is, 2011 version is rare nowadays.

That being said, you still can get a really good shave with minimal time from the 2013 model.

Let’s talk about performance:

People with ultra sensitive skin with thicker beard used to shave with this model and they all agreed that it is one of the top performers.

No bumps, No irritation & a really close smooth shave.

Keep in mind that, sometimes, you need to adjust your angle a bit to come up with a good shave.

Most razors are meant to be used at 45 degrees to your face but in this case, you might need to change that to 30 degrees.

Just start slowly.

There is no direct disadvantage I could find. However, the handle is slippery. Length & weight is perfect in line & you can’t complain about it. I would have given it a 5 star if it was not that slippery.

Still, I recommend you to try this out once and let us know your thoughts.


  • ​Aggressive and best in class
  • ​High-quality chrome plated handle
  • ​Rust and wet free


  • ​The handle is a bit slippery.
  • ​Small learning curve

​#2. Merkur 25C Long Handle Safety Razor, Open Tooth

On our second list of best open comb razors, we have 25C open tooth model from famous merkur.

Don’t get confuse this model with 23c. we have already reviewed the 23C model here. Go & take a look at it if you haven’t read it yet.

Both of the models are having the same look with same handle & cap.

Image credit : ​​Pinterest


But with a twist.

The model has an open comb base plate & thus makes a considerable option for our task.

Their open tooth sturdy design helps you to get those longer whiskers off even if you don’t shave for 7 days.

Just like other model, it is also chrome plated with just normal looks.

Built wise, it has a long handle which I don’t prefer on a regular basis.

Here is the reason:

Shorter handle tends to work better and I have already tested it.

Again, it’s also lighter.

Some people prefer a heavy lift for a better control and versatility. If you are one of those, you might want to get that switched to something better.


  • ​Same aggressiveness
    Same aggressiveness
  • ​Chrome plated. High quality as well.
    Chrome plated. High quality as well.
  • ​Suitable for thicker or heavy beards
    Suitable for thicker or heavy beards


  • ​Longer handle
    Longer handle

#3. Parker 24C ( Best three piece open comb razor )

Image credit : ​Pinterest


With a really high classy elegant look and stylish design, this parker 24c model instantly and definitely a strong competitor in our best open comb razor list.

It’s aggressive and sharp.

Talking about the weight, if you have a larger hand, go & use it. & you don’t need to complain anything about it.

It’s a 4.5 inches long and heavy enough to give you a really smooth and close shave.

A little knob at the end makes it super easy to use and throw you away from the fear of dropping.

Personally, I like it and have experienced one or two dropping off my razor from my hand.

If you regularly clean your tool (which you should by the way) you won’t find it hard.

Last but not the least is the price. It’s decent and with that price range, you get a good deal.


  • ​Give you a close shave
    Give you a close shave
  • ​It’s heavy & long as well.
    It’s heavy & long as well.
  • ​Chrome plated
  • ​Open comb
    Open comb


  • ​Might not get an extremely close shave when you go with the grain
    Might not get an extreme close shave when you go with the grain

#4. Merkur 1904 Classic ( Best open comb razor for beginners )

Another highly anticipated & famous razor from merkur. This mini beast is quite different in terms of look from the other open comb razors we have mentioned here.

I feel that the handle is quite unique from other models. You won’t see the typical knurling & it has a short knob too at the bottom.

Image credit : ​Pinterest


While definitely in the shorter game, the 1904 model comes with a decent weight & provides an excellent control in comparison to a lot of other closed comb razors.

Awesome.. is not it??

The only downfall I see is it’s not as aggressive as previously mentioned models like muhle. But again, you can still get a decent shave with fewer strokes.

Consider the price you are paying for that. Muhle is in the higher range & gives you an unbeatable experience.

& this one comes in the half of muhle. So there will be performance variety for sure.

Overall, people seem to be really happy with it and if you don’t need an overly aggressive razor, pick this one.


  • ​Fantastic looks
    Fantastic looks
  • ​Short. Easy for grip
    Short. Easy for grip
  • ​Has a knob at the end
    Has a knob at the end


  • ​Not overly aggressive
    Not overly aggressive

Condition to keep in mind while buying an open comb razor

You can’t just buy an open comb razor without any prior knowledge. As you are reading this post, I am well aware of that fact that, you have at least few months of experience with wet shaving.

Probably, you got a good hand by now and it’s time to upgrade.

But, before you do so.. here are few tips & tricks to get you started:

A) If you are not sure, try to use a less aggressive yet open razor.

B) Don’t forget to use a pre shave oil or soap.

C) Buy from a reputable company. Just like muhle who produce excellent product.

Final Verdict ​: Choosing ​Your ​Favorite Open Comb Razor For Your Need In A Modern Way

As you can finalize now, why having an open razor is a good idea for some people. Ask yourself the following question:

Am I spending too much time?

Can I handle such aggressiveness?

If the answer is yes, you need to upgrade your shaving skill. Do yourself a favor & get one of these best open comb razors we have mentioned below.

Our favorite pick is – muhle. It’s an excellent razor with so many features and best for the task..

Our Top Pick

​Muhle R41​​​​​

If you are still worrying to use it, let us know the reason. If you want to share your experience with us, don’t hesitate to say. Just leave a comment below and we will have a friendly chat.

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