Is Pomade Bad For Your Hair?? Find Out The Truth Here

​Well, nothing beats the importance of styling the hair. Hair is the personal, precious jewel of every individual that says a lot about you.It is literally a decorative feature of our bodies that instantly increase our value.The diverse nature, color, and texture of hair depict how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That is […]

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Wahl Lithium ion 9818 Review : Is It The Best Steel Groomer In The Market?

Review Of : Wahl Lithium ion 9818                                                   Use Of : Overall Groomer Performance Overall performance including battery is quite good Ease of use Plain & easy going. But a bit of learning curve. Our rating Entirely based on our testing & features Price Not a high ending price compared to all the feature you […]

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Do Women Find Beards Attractive ? Here Is What Research Has To Say

So you are growing a beard and having the similar question like everyone else.“ Do women find beards attractive? “Well, let’s start with a researchAccording to this research, your facial hair determines the attractiveness in a much higher way. They conduct this study with around 8500 women & asked them to rate the physical attractiveness […]

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