How To Soften A Beard : Best Tips & Tricks You Can Apply Right Now

I know from where you are coming. I was exactly like you when I used to dig around the whole day to know how to soften a beard. I still remember taking the required steps I found online in my note book.

Take a look at the picture below:

​( Please ignore my hand writing 😀 )

Sounds funny? Or determined?

I applied lot of things from then and have developed a system to soften my beard. And today, I am going to give you the exact blueprint to make your facial hair even softer and awesome.

What you will learn:

Why our hair is not soft in the first place [ the very basic thing you need to know to crack the “ soften” secret ]

Natural ways to soften your beard : Things to do

Additional tools to make your beard even softer [ in a faster way ]

The 5 Steps you should do with your beard regularly [come on, manliness takes effort]

Let’s jump right into the section:

Why our hair is not soft in the first place

If you look at the majority of people, you will find a pattern. The pattern is – our beard is not soft from starting. Even though there are exceptions, as the time fly, facial hair starts to gain the roughness.

The reason might be various depending on your hair length, other circumstances etc. But for now, we are going to cover by keeping an eye on overall people.

Split Ends & Trimming:

Remember, the beard has many splits ends. It can occur due to improper way of trimming or even your nutrition. Every mom and dad know what is the importance of diet is when it comes to hair growth.

Your facial hair/beard is also a part of it.

When you first trim your beard, give proper attention to it. Do not just trim. Take a look at your blades or scissors.

Beard is not getting moisturized:

We cannot stress this enough. You need to moisturize your facial hair during this process. If you are not familiar with it, do not worry. We will go more into this a bit later.


Dry and dehydration is not the same thing. While dryness is an outside factor, dehydration is completely an internal factor.

In simple terms : Dehydration is the after effect when you lose more liquids than you gain.

In regular, I drink about 3 liters of water daily. So I request you to do the same. Bump up your water level if you are still taking less than 3 liters. Hurry!

Lack of proper cleaning:

A healthy body is the ultimate source of energy. You can do whatever you want with it. Right?

So why injustice for a beard?

A healthy and clean facial hair is a part of our daily regimen. A beard is the most exposed area. You go out & bring home all the dust from outside.


Well, inside your long beard brother.

An unhealthy beard -> A rough beard -> An ugly beard = Not appealing beard

Low temperature / High Temperature:

If you live in an area where coldness is too high or it’s too hot in your place, there is a chance to beard roughness.

Outside temperature does have some short of effect. As facial hair is a living organism as long as it’s attached to your face. It has a life.

You do not care for it:

Let’s face it:

Some people just do not seem to care about their beards.

Here is the funny part:

They want the best-looking beard in the world. But they do not wish to work for it.

Please do not mind. There are certain people like that. I am sure (by 105%) that you are not one of them.

(Our readers are awesome. We know)

Beard mantra Team Word: If you really into this trend, you must have to love the process.

Give some time, take the necessary steps, eat well, sleep better.

And you are half way to your goal.

Now, let’s look at some

How To Soften A Beard : Natural ways to make your Facial Hair Awesome

While we strictly want to address that, you need some outside tool in order to make your beard soft and awesome, there are some natural steps you should take before anything. Here are the points you want to make a note of:

  • Your diet:

They said:

“You are what you Eat”

This is the general rule of thumb. Is not it?

For the beard, there are some certain foods which you can add into your daily meal plan to boost the growth of your hair.

Vitamin H: also known as biotin do wonder for the hair. It helps in cell generation and growth.

Put some example of vitamin H

Include some vitamin A-rich food in your diet too. It will help you to shine your beard. Things like carrot, kale, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin seeds are good source of it.

  • And our secret tool: Water.
water for softening your facial hair

​Image credit : freepik

Try to fill your body with at least 3 liters of water on a regular basis.

Above steps will help you to reduce split ends, roughness & dryness.

  • Clean your face three times a day:

It is a very good idea to wash your face as much as you can during the day time. we are busy. You are busy as well. Dust and bacteria can attack anytime. The only way to prevent it is to wash off your beard immediately after your come back to your comfort zone.

What do we mean by comfort zone?

Zone like your office, home where you do not have to worry about dust, un-cleanliness etc.

  • Have enough sleep:

Some people do not believe it. But, we can say from our experience that, sleep matters a lot during the hair growth. You need to rest the body so it can work properly in the next morning.

sleeping benefits for beard

Apart from that, it also helps to promote enough growth for beard and hair. Get at least 6 hours of sleep every day. No matter what.

I never compromise with my sleep. Work can come and go. Party can come and go. “My health is not. “

I recommend you to do the same.

The above steps we have mentioned are the very basic and first move you should do before proceeding to any advanced model. If you still having the same question like “ how to soften a beard “ Make it a priority to make it happen.

Alright, let’s do the fun stuff now…

There are certain tools ( or you can say accessories ) that can help you to make the beard softening process a lot faster.

We recommend you to use these according to your budget and allowance.

Best Ways To Soften Your Facial Hair​

  • ​Using Beard Oil:

One of the quickest and effective techniques to soften your beard

Quick and simple words: it works like a charm.


Because, it has all the ingredients you need to make your beard more easily going and softer. Nowadays, lots of bearded man wearing this oil ( including me )

It’s a great moisturizer and conditioner. If you are hearing about it for the first time, we have a great guide on best beard oil. We have covered in- depth details about it and all the natural ingredients if offers. You can go over here and read the juicy details

But, just for you we want to give you some little description about it

Most of the part, it has two main contents: Carrier oil and essential oil ( you can read all of them over here)

It is a source of organic jojoba and argan oil. For anyone who is a beginner, it’s a great place to start.

Beardruff, one of the most commonly found problems during a beard growth process can be solved using beard oil.

It’s incredibly powerful and you can see a major difference once you start to apply our recommended beard oil.

If you are in a rush and do not want to read the reviews we have for you, here are two awesome products we recommend to soften your beard:

Put the product and link

  • Using a beard brush:

A brush can do wonder for your beard. It has the ability to comb any dirt and throw away any dust you take with it.

A brush massage your beard throughout your skin( face ) and provides softness to it.

ways to soft your facial hair

As we go out for work or whatever the reason, we bring a hell lot of dust on our body without even knowing. Beard is one of the most exposed part where dust can hide easily.

Remember: an unhealthy beard is a sign of roughness.

We also have a great guide on beard brush here.

For your kind interest, here is the two great beard brush we recommend you to try

Put the best beard brush here with image link

  • Using Shampoo and Conditioner:

Like your head hair, beard also needs attention. I personally shampoo my beard 3 times a week. Some people recommend daily. While you can do it & we are not against it, sometimes, it can be time consuming.

On a personal note, I don’t like to shampoo or conditioner my beard on a regular basis. Instead, I go with one day off.

Although a brush can clean a bit of dustiness, proper shampooing can take away all the dust and bacteria in just one bite.

On the other hand, the conditioner helps the beard retain the necessary hydration that it requires. In results, it makes your beard softer and manageable.

Split ends, is one of the reasons your facial hair is not soft. And a conditioner can prevent it.

In my bathroom, I have products specifically design for facial hair. While there are hundreds of products, here are two products we strongly recommend:

( I use them and got really nice results )

Put a good beard shampoo and conditioner here

  • Using A Beard Balm:

Beard balm is a great way to style your beard. It can moisturize the hair as well as shape it. For the most part, we recommend you to use it only if you have a long beard.

The reason is – it specifically works towards styling. You can give a perfect style once with the help of a beard balm. A shorter beard does not really need any style from our point of view.

Important note: before using any beard balm make sure it has nothing synthetic ingredients like petroleum jelly.

Ingredients found in a facial hair balms are – natural butter such as cocoa, shea & mango.

So how does it work?

The same way beard oil works. Ingredients used in beard oil like carrier & essential oils can also be found In a balm.

The only difference you find is the additional butter in a balm which makes your beard hold for a longer time to enable a style.

Here are two good products we recommend you to try:

Put the images of beard balm and link to it on Amazon

Alright.. Awesome

Now, you have the information and the required products, its time to shine those sexy beards and make it even softer

Easy Ways to make your beard soften and silky

Here, I am going to explain my strategy to make my beard softer and silkier. I will try to keep the process is simple & actionable as much as possible

  • Washing And conditioning:

I use shampoo to wash and conditions my beard every second day. So in a week, I go about 3 to 4 times. It helps me to clean my beard on a regular basis.

I try to give a proper massage and let the conditioner go inside as much as I can.

  • Drying:

Now, I use a towel to dry my beard. Be sure to use it throughout your face. Let the towel go inside your beard.

  • Applying Beard oil:

Now, time to use the beasts. I take out some drops of my oil and apply it all over my beard. I try to work from the end to all the way up.

Do not forget to massage the roots as well.

  • Using a brush:

In this step, I use my beard brush to help the oil spread all over the bearded area. You can do it by fingers. But in general, it will not help compared to a brush.

A beard brush can distribute the oil evenly across the beard and face. So there is no point I am not going to take the benefit.

  • Using a beard balm:

If you use an oil, there is hardly any reason for using a balm. But, if your hair is long enough to hold a good style, then a balm can be your good friend.

Now, you know how to soften a beard in easy ways.

Congratulations for finishing the whole part.

But, before we wrap things up, just few tips and tricks I have developed over the past few months:

A) Drink a lot of water

B) Stop using alcohol. It can dry your skin, leading to split ends, wrinkles and lot of other problems.

C) Never apply beard oil or balm on a wet face. It will not absorb the products effectively.

D) Use conditioner & shampoo at least 3 times a week.

E) Sometimes it is a good idea to cut off some portion of your beard.

F) When choosing a product, always check the ingredients. If you are confused, try to contact us. We will help you out.

G) Sometimes, use coconut oil. I use it on weekends. Like Sunday.

H) Do not forget to brush after applying the oil.

Last but not the least:

Do not forget that “ Team Beard Mantra “ is always with you.

Some more FAQ related to “ how to soften your beard “

We still believe that people always have something remain inside their mind. This is where our faq section comes into play. We try to find as many questions as you have an answer them.

Question: I want to use both balm and oil to soften my beard. Is it ok?

Answer: It depends on . Typically, you can skip the balm if you are already using oil. If you have longer beards, use it when you go out. Apply a little bit of it and style it according to your preference.

Otherwise, I do not see any benefits of using both of it at the same time.

Question: I use oil and wash my hair regularly. Still, I find that sometimes my beard is rough. What is the reason?

Answer: first, make sure that you use a brush at least twice a day. Second, cut some portion of the hair every now and then. It will ensure of not having split ends.

Question: Is it necessary to use the above products to soften my beard?

Answer: In general, the answer is Yes. See, you can go with a natural way. and we have mentioned it at the beginning of the section. What these tools do is- they speed up the process. Apart from that, oil can so much ingredients which cannot be found on a regular diet.

Question: I have some acne problem. Can I still use beard oil to soften my facial hair?

Answer: if you have any skin irritation or problems, we strongly recommend you to check with a doctor first. And ask him if you could use any oils which are specifically made for beard.

In our eyes, organic jojoba oil or argan oils are natural which do not have the chance to hurt your skin in any other way.

Last words on softening a beard: Wrapping it up

Hmm. That was it. Our guide on how to soften a beard.

I hope you have read all the steps and contents so far. If you skipped something, we recommend not to. This is a learning curve and we have shared our thoughts from our experience.

Maintaining a good looking beard is not a joke. We need to be persistence enough and strict to our rules.

“ Rome was not built in a day “

“ beard can not be built in a day “

Have you enjoyed what we provide here?

Do you have any other tips on finding ways to make your beard soft?

Let us know in the comment section

Oh and yes ! For a complete set of FAQ related to beard care, visit here​

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