Merkur 33C VS 34C Comparison : Find Out The Differences Here

​Imagine you have two choice to purchase a product.

& you bought one without having a clear knowledge...


Wrong selection of product can cost you more in the long run.

So, today, I am not going to let this happen to you. You will get exactly for what you have come for.

& that is​: ​A complete comparison of Merkur 33C & 34C.

Direct Comparison



1) With 33C, you can play with different handles with this head

1) 34C is heavier than 33C

2) Option to change handle lengths and weight

2) The handle on the 34C is thicker.

​3) ​Closed combs

​3) ​​Having closed combs

​Here at beard mantra, we have grown so much. Still, we find ourselves looking around for a solution that our readers might have.

A few days ago, we came across Merkur Company. It’s not like we did not even hear of that company. Actually, we did.

But, at that point, we actually were not sure whether we should put our views on their products or not.

So, after dealing with internal conflict, we decided to come in front & share our independent opinions.

We ended up being burned. As we had lots of products on our plate. But somehow, we managed to complete. 

Our first in hand review will be:

Merkur 34C


Because both have almost the same similarities but yet they are different. More importantly, when we searched about Merkur 34C Vs Merkur 33C, we did not even found any significant & helpful resource.

So that goal of this guide is to provide you our hand in experience & differentiate both razors in terms of functionality & usefulness.

Keep in mind, at the time of test or even getting helpful opinions from other sources; we have not found any major cons between Merkur classic 33C & 34C.

Just a handful of differences here & there.

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Razor Review:

I used it a couple of weeks ago and thought I should share my experience here. First off, it’s a chrome coated metal. This is even more beneficial for the first time user of a safety razor.

Yes, it does have a learning curve. Meaning you may want to go slower first and learn how it works. Do not rush here. Take time & it will serve you like a maid.

If you are using cartridges, I kid you not; 34C will be cheaper in the long run and arguably provide you a better shave.

34C is best for beards, mustache. If you have a thicker beard, you may want to use a sharper blade.

But, performance wise, you will not have to compromise anything.

At the end, it comes with a comb guard and one extra Merkur blades.

We don’t have hesitation to say that Merkur 34C HD is a great razor. Some people say that it’s more aggressive. However, in our findings, we noticed perfection in aggressiveness. You can put a Feather blade in it and it will mow down forests; a persona red for a mild shave; or an Astra blade for a close, smooth, perfect shave.

The only concern we have is to be careful if you are using it for the first time. If you treat it well, it can be a perfect shaving tool for you.

Care & polish your razor from time to time & it will give you at least 10 to 15 years of run-down time.

Pros of 34C:

  • check
    ​It’s well balanced & well built
  • check
    ​It’s well balanced & well built
  • check
    ​Gives you a close shave

Cons of 34C:

With the 34c and the 38c ( if you ever decide to choose, ​we will also show you the difference of 38C later in the post below ) the heads are permanently attached to the handle.

Merkur 33C Classic Razor ​Review:

Like we said earlier, you won’t find many differences between 33c & 34C.

However, the company will give 10 extra blades with it.

Pros of 33C:

  • check
    ​With 33C, you can play with different handles with this head
  • check
    ​Option to change handle lengths and weight

Cons of 33C:

  • check
    ​Light. For those who need a heavy razor, might not be a good fit.

Again!! Pros and Cons of Each Model





  • ​​It’s well balanced & well built
  • ​​It’s well balanced & well built
  • ​​​Gives you a close shave
  • ​Heads are permanently attached to the handle.


  • ​With 33C, you can play with different handles with this head
  • ​​Option to change handle lengths and weight
  • ​It’s Lightweight. For those who need a heavy razor, might not be a good fit.

​33c Vs 34C Vs 38C : 

From start, we have been comparing 33 vs 34. However, there is one more- "people mostly search for. That is 38C."

So, let’s take a look at them too.

Frankly speaking, all three razors are pretty good.

The 34C and 38 are both two piece style razors and there are a distinct handle mass and length difference, which could affect your shave by slightly changing the aggression.

The 33C is a three piece razor and lighter than the other two. So, it basically boils down to your personal preference of handle style, length, and mass.

If you prefer a heavy one, go & get 34C or 38C.

Otherwise, 33 model will do fine for most shaving enthusiastic.

Here is a quick rundown between 34C Vs 38C:

merkur 33c vs 34c
  • check
    ​Blade gaps are not very vast.
  • check
    ​Here in 34c 28 and 38c 25 thousandths difference not enough to feel at all.
  • check
    ​​38C is even heavier compared to 34C & thus feeling is much different from 34 model.

Merkur 33C & 34C: Which one should I use? Our verdict:

While we can’t say which one you should use, But we do have our favorite. Of course, if you reading this line, I am sure you probably got the idea that it’s hard to recommend unless we know your preference and situation.

For me, I prefer the 34c over the 33c because it’s a 2 piece razor easy to load & nibble in size with perfect weight & balance. Moreover, it’s mild to moderate aggressiveness everyday shave type of razor.

The other option, 38C is also great. But I like this one more ( 34C ). Moreover, it seems to be more popular than 33C.

SO, there you have it. A complete rundown of Merkur 33c Vs 34c.

Do let us know which one you have decided to go with in the comment section.

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