Should I Dye My Beard? Here Is The Exact Answer You Need

" should I dye my beard? "

" Can I Dye My beard at this stage? "

" When should I consider to color my facial hair? "

" Is coloring/ dying your beard a good idea? "

" what color should i dye "​

Look at all the above question.

Looks familiar? I am sure you do.

If the above question resonates you, we hold your hand. Today, we will help you to decide your answer you have been looking for.

Do not worry.

It is not a complicated process.

We will try to simplify it for you as much as possible. If you still have a question, just quickly drop a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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So let’s get started:

Our Top Pick For Coloring Your Facial Hair

Is It OK If I decide To Dye My Beard​??

“ Remember: Grey hair is natural “

When we get older, our body hair including head and beard starts to grow older too. But sometimes, due to various reason, you may see a different pattern than as usual. For example, your facial hair may grow as gray hair but your head hair is not.

Whom can you blame? No one.

For this purpose, we recommend planning for a beard dye. The black hair and grey facial hair will not suit you.


There is a problem.

Gray hair is difficult to dye because they have no pigment. That means there is nothing for the artificial color to grab.

But, we are here to simplify the process. No matter how difficult it is.

First, even if your beard starts to grow grey, you need to keep it healthier and easy to maintenance. To do is, we recommend of using beard oil.

There are many varieties of products available. We have put together some of the best beard oil in the market here. So go and take a look.

Pick them up and use it on a daily basis.

Remember: beard oil provides the essential nutrient that skin needs in order to keep it hydrated as well as free from bacteria.

should i dye my beard

Can I Dye My Beard

The short answer is - Yes. You can do it if you feel uncomfortable. Personal preference , you current age, situation - it all matters when deciding this crucial  ​part

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Now you decide to dye your beard. You got another question.

“ Should I dye my beard in Home or salon “ ??

Anytime you go for a new job, the company provide you temporary training under a specific person. Why? Because you need a expert in order to learn the process.

Similarly, when it comes to beard dying, you need an expert hand so that you can be sure you are getting the exact color or style you have been expecting inside your mind.

If you are doing it for the first time, we recommend that you go and find a good salon and hair stylist. There are two possible reasons for this-

  • The required dyed color: Most of the time, people go for black beard dye. But in some cases, it is hard to find the perfect match color. For example, you need a beard dye color to match with your brunette hair on your head, how will you do it? Your answer is an expert who can mix the various combination of color and provide you the exact look you want.
  • Making sure the right chemicals: A specialist know exactly the right combination of chemicals to mix in a beard dye. A newbie won’t even have any idea about it. So it is better to let your beard handle by a professional.

Once you done a couple of times, we recommend you observe what your expert do. Ask him about the color and mixing process.

In the process, you will learn a lot. Once your learning is complete, you are free to try in your home sometimes.

Do you think is it really necessary to dye your beard

We have often encountered a situation where people freak out as soon as they notice gray hair on their face. We often advise them not to panic at first. See, we become older, eventually.

You cannot stop it. There is no point arguing or complaining about it. But we can take action to find a solution for it. Right?

Even if you decide to dye, we still put a question mark on it. Is it really necessary?

Do you even have any purpose or just doing it out of vanity?

Once you become comfortable with your dyed look, you may have to continue it for a much longer period to retain it. So think twice before deciding.

Another disadvantage we found is some of the hair might even become a part of damage over time. There is no guarantee. It is not healthy for your facial hair and neither it provides any benefits except the look.

Some research found that many women actually love the slightly grayed beard. Take a look at George Clooney. He is one of the most searched people on the internet.

Additional FAQ:

Question: What color Should I pick to dye my beard?

Answer: We will share a massive guide on the in the coming days.

Question 2: can i dye my beard myself?

Answer: Sure. ( But it depends on .. )

Question: Can you share some images related to beard dye before and after?

Answer: Of course we can. We knew you would nee a visual application to see the things in real life. There are lot of cool images which represent the look before and after dying your facial hair.


We are going to provide you a real video from beardbrand where you can see a live beard dye in action. ​

Last word on dying beard:

At the end, it is your decision whether you go for it or not. We can only share our point of view. Your facial hair is your most prominent expression as a manliness you can make. So you got to hit a six with it. If you decide to dye, go for it in the right direction. Ask your barber, gather information for it. and go with full speed. If the answer is No, use beard oil on a daily basis to make it even more healthier and soft.

 “should I dye my beard “ - What is your thought on this?

Let us know in the comment section.

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