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Welcome to Beard Mantra

Hey Brothers, My name is Tim And I am the co-founder of Beard mantra.

The web is full of information. Now a days type any query and it will bring you hundreds of thousands of results in seconds.

So there is a high possibility of overwhelming by all the different advice you get from everywhere.

Here, at beard mantra, me and our hard working team take the guesswork out & break down all the complex and tough grooming and wellness information into actionable steps.

Stuff that actually matters to you.

Our site is divided by four section

Beard Care :

Where we share our practical experience as well as actionable advice to grow a killer looking beard from start.

we also simplify various questions you may have. last but not the least, we provide different product reviews which is beneficial to our readers.

our views on products are completely independent and no one pays us for fake promotion.

Hair Care :

Here, we share our in-depth hair care related information so you can maintain your cool hair throughout your life.

Fitness Care:

Last, but not the least, our body. everything will look good if we take care of our body. as days involved, people started noticing that health is our top most priority. if we fail to maintain a good and well body, no matter what you do, you will not be successful. so we take special care in this section.

Skin Care:

So are you a man. you do not think about caring your skin right? Wrong. taking care of your skin is very crucial part of our daily grooming life.

You may be wondering why we are different from anything out there?

Remember, Men's grooming is a very crowded place now a days. with so much information and misinformation ( of course ) we go to the extra mile to give you the absolute best chance to improve yourself.

Here at Beard mantra -we do the following things:

Make it easy: Living a Manly lifestyle is not easy, but we make it as easy as it can be. We break down all the complicated Process and explain it in easy to understand advice that anyone can follow.

Advice for real people By real people - All of the advice on you find on our site is focused towards real people. We do the testing for you. & then tell you our experience.

Actionable approach - No one loves just to read. We understand it by core. Therefore, information presented here are more towards action rather than just fluffy reading.

Down - times Are Normal : - We do busy in our daily life. so sometimes, we do mistakes. or our habits get distracted by lots of outside variable. You do not have to worry about it. Just enjoy the life and get back up in real time. Our team is always willing to help you anytime you want. 

Give an unbiased view - Sometimes, we do provide product reviews. Why? because, if we use certain product and found it helpful, we are tend to share it with our beloved readers. However, the product reviews are completely our own and we do not get any behind the back money for it. We will not publish any fake reviews ever. 

Our Strict Do's And Don't Criteria

  • Simplify Complex Advice
  • A very realistic expectations
  • Advice for real people by real people
  • Promoting fake promise
  • Ask you to do something that does not work
  • Misleading you to buy fake or UN-necessary products
  • Favorable reviews to companies that pay us

How to use our site:

You can find out our latest content here. if you are interested you can go to this page and sing up for our newsletter.

If you sign up, we will send you a message everytime we publish new content here.

To your continued success and awesomeness

Team Beard Mantra

‚ÄčIf any point, you need help, just use our contact page to reach out to us.