Straight Razor VS Safety Razor : Differences & How You Can Pick The Right One

If you are unable to figuring out the differences between straight razor vs safety razor, our guide will help.

Sit back, relax and enjoy

I still remember when I saw my dad using razor during those 90’s. He used to shave twice a week with his black razor.

At that time, I did not even know what the heck that was.

(I was a kid, you know.. )

I used to take a stool and sit for the entire season. Watching my dad cleaning his face.

That was interesting.

Now, as I grow mature, I can proudly say that my dad was using a straight razor to clean his face. Indeed, it was not fun for him. Once I asked my dad – “ do you enjoy shaving with that “?

Dad’s reply : I don’t. because it takes time.

[ That was my dad’s perspective though ]

“ I have my beard now “

Enough my traditional old kind of story.

Now let’s get to the main part

Straight Razor VS Safety Razor : The Differences ​

What you will learn:

  • What is a straight razor
  • what are the advantages
  • what are the disadvantages
  • what is a safety razor
  • what are the advantages
  • what are the disadvantages
  • Checklist of all the major differences
  • The best product for both category
  • Which one you should pick
  • Some FAQ
  • Our verdict

People have been debating about the vast differences between both straight razor and safety razor. Some say this is best while others have opinion about that.

But from our experience, it all comes down to one single formula – Proper knowledge about both of the terms.

Like - " you can’t hit a goal you don’t see."

Once you become superior on that topic, you now have the power to choose from. And this is where beard mantra comes. We help you to become powerful in your grooming life.

Lets know the first part:

What is a straight razor?

Definition wise it’s a razor with a blade which can be folded into its handle. They also commonly known as open razors or cut-throat razors.

It used to be the go-to guide before safety razor existed. If you look at the history, the very first razor was made by Benjamin huntsman in 1740.

It consist of a blade sharpened on the edge and have a handle which is attached to the blade via a pin. You can rotate in and out of the handle.

It is made of stainless steel.

Advantages of straight razor:

One of the pros of using a straight razor is the design. It is well made and sturdy. But the only benefit you can’t beat is the only blade you need in your lifetime. It just needed to re-sharpen the blade every six months or 12 months.

The blades are usually 3 inch long. Actually, it covers the basic surface are of your face so you don’t have to repeat.

Disadvantages of Straight Razor:

There are some major cons comes with a straight razor. As it is an old school type razor, you have to go through the learning curve to use it. At least one to two weeks of testing is a must.

Having just one blade makes it even harder. If somehow, your blade gets damaged, you will have to change the entire set which is a pain.

It also takes a lot of skill and patience to share the dull blade.

Due to the learning curve, you may end up with cutting your skin more than once. So you have to be very careful during shaving.

In terms of price, it is very expensive compared to any safety razor out there. If you still love to use here are our top choice of a killer straight razor

Put the best product with image

What is a safety razor

Straight Razor VS Safety Razor

A safety razor is a modern shaving tool with a proactive device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin.

It is first came to the market during 1900 with a aim to reduce the learning curve and provide a injury free shaving.

The very first safety razors used a single-edge blade which was essentially a 4cm long segment. Later on, the famous company Gillette introduced their very first triple – blade cartridge razor in 1998. And from then, they are continuously developing new products every year.

Due to its easy to use power, it is quickly become very popular worldwide. It can provide you a top-notch shaving feel without any harm if used correctly.

Moreover, it can help you to relieve from razor bumps which is very common to the shaving community.

Advantages of safety razor:

The biggest plus point is to get a clean and extremely close shave without having any safety issue. Although, you have to practice a bit more in order to become friendly with it.

Disposable razors are available in the market for your use. So even if your blades gets dull, you can quickly order online or buy from a story nearby.

It is also extremely cost – effective. One blade should go at least one week. ( if you use on a daily basis ).

Disadvantages of safety razor:

Straight razor comes with a single blade for the lifetime. But in this case, you do have to pay for the disposable razor for the whole life.

Sometimes, you may find that it’s not giving you great shave as compared to straight razor.

Both tool needs to be practiced in order to master it.

Differences between straight razor vs safety razor : on a glance

Feel overwhelmed?

No worries. We have prepared to great and straight to the point difference chart for safety razor vs straight razor. Take a look below

Safety Razor​ Straight Razor VS : Major diversity at a glance

Straight Razor

  • Straight razor is a old way of shaving
  • It has a learning curve.
  • One time investment
  • Have the possibilty to cut your skin due to it's learning process
  • Time consuming

Safety Razor

  • Safety razor is the modern way of shavig
  • It doesn't required much experience.
  • You have to change the blades every week or two
  • Low possibility of cutting your face
  • Does not require much time to shave

( The best product for both categories )

Which one you should pick

There are plenty of reasons to use both the tool. We already shared the major differences here. So the question really boils down to your own preference. I do not use razor now a days. But my dad still use.

What my dad is using?

Well, I too was confused first between straight razor vs safety razor but later I suggest him to use safety razor. As he can do it in a quick time. You just do not have to keep shaving for 30 minutes using it.

If you are a complete beginner, we strongly suggest you to go with a safety razor first. There are lot of ups and down while using a straight razor. And we do not want you to cut your face here and there just for the sake of shaving.

Some FAQ:

What are straight razor used for

Answer: Straight razors are used for shaving. Previously it was the only tool to clean up the face and get rid of facial hair. As the time evolves, technology changes, tools are also changing. Now, safety razors are well popular compared to straight due to its easy-to-use methodology.

Our verdict:

While it may cost you a couple of bucks for the lifetime, as a beginner we always recommend you to go with a safety razor.

I used to shave with a safety razor during my college season. Now, I am more towards growing a beard, so nowadays I am not using it anymore.

This is not a hard and fast rule. If you still want to go with a straight razor, always welcome.

Now, it's time to know your thought

Straight razor vs safety razor which one you would pick?

Did you use any of them previously?

What is your experience?

Let us know in the comment section

[Straight razor vs safety razor : Last updated today, 2017 ]

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