Van Der Hagen Safety Razor Review 2017 : Our Experience After Using Almost 3 Weeks

Review Of : Van Der Hagen Safety Razor                           

Purpose: Shaving​                                                             ​

Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

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​Ease of use

Ease of use

​Our rating


​We like

  • check
    ​It's Mild.
  • check
    ​Great for new comers as well.
  • check
    Also comes with 5 Razor blades

​We don't like

  • ​Very short razor.
    Very short razor.

Quick ​analyze : In case, you are in rush & don't want to read the whole review, here is you should know. The razor is great for beginner as well as experience shaver. It's mild & not aggressive. However, it's a short one. If may find it difficult if you are having a really long hand. Overall performance was ok for us and it also comes with an additional 5 blades. 

​Shaving is fun. No?

Part of our brain says so. We agree. But, with the right tools, it can be a fun exercise to do it.

Well, as you are reading this, we are pretty sure you have been shaving from a long time. You might have heard of the famous van der hagen double edge safety razor and decide to try it once.

But, before you try we want you to read this complete review to gain some basic understanding of the product.

Few days, (In fact, it was about 18 days to be exact) ago one of our members, Scoot introduced us the van der razor.

I was completely unaware of it as I am a guy with a beard. Though I do sometimes shave, But part of my mind resist it.

So, I request him to do an in-depth review of van der hagen razor and more importantly, help our readers.


So, we are presenting Scoot Butler, with his experience of Hagen safety razor.

​Hey guys, what’s up.?

As Mark has already introduced me to you all, there is no point of telling my story here.

Still interested?

Here is my little story :

It was Sunday when I was first ​saw van der. I was poking around to try new razor for the next shaving & accidentally got my hands on it. I was excited and immediately ordered it. Here are my latest findings and experience after running it for 3 shaves. [use of 18 days]

So let’s cut the crap and dive into the actual meet.

Who this razor for?

an indepth van der hegan safety razor review

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The van der Hagen razor is ideal for the beginners who want to jump into wet shaving. Due to the thickness and mild blades, you basically cut off your fear.

If you ever decide to you any shaving cream, it would be a classic shaving with an ultimate satisfaction for sure.

Most people suffer from sensitive skin dilemma. For those, it would be a great fit from my perspective. It just feels good and really low maintenance.

Who is this razor not for?

Having a thick or hard beard?

Not for you at all.

You better go with something more aggressive and sharp.

For an average guy like me, it just works perfectly fine.

Disclaimer: I really do not how is your face/skin type. So you need to test it before concluding any review. You better buy and test it out yourself.

What price can you expect?

I admit it’s small but the price is quite reasonable for me. For that much price, you are getting a quality branded razor with 5 blades extra. Would be perfect for you to start your shaving journey.

Look & Size :

It is a perfect example of the classic razor. But like most of the new generation model, it is made of a brass frame that is chrome plated.

The chrome finishes not only responsible for its shiny look but also gives an added bonus of durability by making it resistant to corrosion & wear.

In terms of size, I must tell you it is very short. Only about 3.3 inches. For those, who do not have a long hand; can handle it once they are comfortable with the razor.

For me, it was a bit awkward. I still could not easily grab it. Fewww…

Though the handle is short, it was heavily textured with deep grooves so you won’t feel like it’s going to slip out of your hands.

I really like how they design its weight. It’s short, I admit, but at the same time, it was less bulky compared to some other razors in the market.

The van der hagen safety razor is built for control which is important to get a clean and close shaving as well as satisfaction.

If you decide to use a couple of times, I am sure you can come up with your own solution of the short handle.

Blade :

The van der comes with 5 razor blades. They come with nice little box and all of the individual blades wrapped in a separate wrapper.

Now, the blades are not heavily sharp but you need to be careful if using for the first time. I suggest you start very slowly as the handle if pretty short.

Once you deal with it few times, say 3 to 4, ​you shouldn't face any problem.

Their blade replacement system is pretty classic. You get to see a knob at the bottom of the handle that can be twisted to open the head of the razor into “ butterfly doors “.

I did not find any issue while inserting the blades as well.

Like I told you, this is a very mild razor.

Final verdict On Van Der Hagen Razor:

If you are into wet shaving, or a guy in the beginner level, this would be a perfect choice for you. This is a great razor for the price

The handle also has a nice no slip texture, even if you have wet hands. Because it is not an aggressive one, you could eliminate fear of cutting your skin. But do it slowly OK. Do not rush for the first few times.

I like the way it performs. I typically use it every week and have been satisfied actually.

The only conflict I had about the razor was the size. It was really tiny for me at some point. But now I am used to it.

​Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

​Do give it a try & let us know in the comment section.

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